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What is a transitional pastor?

Dear friends,

We don’t know each other yet, but I am writing to you as a sibling in Christ – someone who follows the same faith and the same person.

Shortly, I will be joining you as your transitional pastor for the next part of the journey with Faith Presbyterian. Perhaps by God’s plan, I will be leading worship with you on the first Sunday in Advent, December 1st, the beginning of the church year.

What is a transitional pastor? The older term for this position is interim pastor. Interim has the connotation that someone is filling in, and this used to be the case. A pastor would come in and preach and pretty much keep things going in the same way until the congregation called the next installed pastor. Nowadays, there are pastors like me who specialize in coming to congregations during transitional times to journey and keep up with what God is calling the congregation to do now.

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I came to being a Presbyterian by my parents taking me to a Presbyterian church that our neighbors went to, even though they weren’t members. As a young adult who went to Washington D.C. for my first career with the Federal Government, I was baptized and became heavily involved in my local church and a bit at the Presbytery too.  In 1994 I entered seminary at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and since 1998 I’ve done this transitional work with a number of congregations in the west.

On the personal side, I am single with “fur family” – my two cats, Isadora and Brandy, who will be coming with me to Sierra Vista. I love movies, reading as well as knitting and spinning, and I’ve been a water aerobics instructor.

In coming to you, this will be my first time living in Arizona, and as I’ve told your leadership, I am completely naïve about the history and culture of this place, so I am open to your leading in helping me make the most of my Arizona time.

Blessings and light, Pastor Renée

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