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Virginia Studer Update

Dear Friends at Faith,

By now most of you know that Virginia Studer wrote, with Bridget Diekema’s assistance, a letter updating the congregation on her health. This letter was posted on the Prayer Chain and read in worship this past Sunday. In it, she told us that she has entered hospice care and will be living with good friends in Mesa.

This past weekend she, along with Tessa and Megan, made a trip down to the house in Sierra Vista to go through the house for memories for the girls. We are not sure whether she will be able to return.

Several folks have asked if they could send Virginia cards to where she is living. We have checked with Tessa, and she has said yes. Please know that in all things related to Virginia now, we are being guided by the family’s wishes, as Virginia is quite weak, and we want her to use her energy as she sees fit. Therefore, I am directing us all to not visit without notice, or request to visit, Virginia up in Mesa. Let us leave it to the family to invite those who will spend time with her. As hard as it is, this is our time to let Virginia go and spend her days with her loved ones.

What we can do is what Virginia asked of us in her letter:

“My prayer focus and I hope yours now, too, will center on my daughters. Lift them up to the Lord and ask Him to provide them with strength in the days to come. Ask Him to walk beside Tessa and Megan on the roads before them. Ask Him to remind them that they are His beloved daughters and as such, their lives are precious to Him.”

Cards may be sent to:
Virginia Studer
c/o 2953 E Dover St
Mesa, AZ 85213

Let us also tend to one another during this time of grieving. Please know that my door is open for conversation, and we will continue to have times for those who wish to have a conversation in processing this loss.

Blessings and light, Renée

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