Is church reopening this Sunday?

Dear Faith Family and Friends,

Yesterday, Governor Ducey ended the shelter in place order for Arizonans this coming Friday, but with recommended restrictions to reduce the potential transmission of the coronavirus. A natural question is then: are we going back to worshipping in the Sanctuary?

The short answer is no, we won’t be in the Sanctuary. The Session has created a task force to look at the options for opening that will keep us safe and provide the kind of connection and worship experience that we are accustomed to. We are exploring options, we’ll be sending out a survey to members and friends to gauge interest in the various possibilities for worship and for small groups to gather.

In the meantime, we are continuing to worship online and provide Zoom and other ways for members to connect.

Blessings and light, Pastor Renée


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    george van otten says:

    I support the decision to wait to open the Samctuary for services until we have a well-considered plan that will protect worshipers from exposure to the coronavirus. Rushing things could have disastrous results. Blessings. George VO

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    Candace Culberson says:

    I’m wondering why the delay in opening the church when we have crowds of people who are not following any rules about the virus marching in Sierra Vista. Seems conflicting messages, especially when the marchers have to get permits.

    Thank you for your caution, but is it necessary based on what we are seeing around us. Masks and distancing is possible with certain number in santcuary, certain number in narthex and, if necessary, certain number in cars and on line. Maybe 2 services are in order for now with certain number of people per row. Know you have thought of all of this. Just giving my thoughts.

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      Pastor says:

      Hi – good questions, Candace. I hope you’ve seen the online survey that we’re doing to the church members and friends about this. We’re are getting a great response to it, and it will be helpful to our planning. We have an able Reopening Task Force that will be looking at the responses, and has reviewed the safety measures that we think are needed – because some of our normal practices are considered higher risk. Stay tuned as leadership figures out our next steps! Pastor Renee

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