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The Mission Study Task Force

Dear Family and Friends of Faith,

The Mission Study Task Force (MSTF) has reached a key point in our work, a point where we need everyone’s help! An important part of a Mission Study, maybe the most important part, is called the Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It is an opportunity for the congregation and friends of Faith to tell the MSTF what is important to you concerning our church: What has been good for your faith? What hopes and dreams do you have for the future of the church? What characteristics of a pastor might be important for that future?

The MSTF had intended to do the AI via in-person meetings with church members (like our earlier Gatherings), but with the pandemic and stay-at-home being necessary, we will have to do online surveys (like our “Return to Church” surveys) instead of those in-person meetings.  The MSTF has chosen to do 3 online surveys. These 3 surveys will cover:

  1. Your personal experience at Faith
  2. Your Hopes and dreams for the future of Faith
  3. Pastoral needs for the future of Faith

This e-mail directs you to the first of these surveys “Your Personal Experience at Faith”.  The second survey will follow in a week or so. The point of the questions for this first survey is to hear from you about what your personal experience has been at Faith Presbyterian Church. Each of the questions is about a part of the life of the church and we want to know how important it has been to you. The survey will first ask you to tell us how important certain aspects of Faith’s ministries are (using a numerical rating) and will then give you an opportunity to tell us in your own words how important our church has been to your own faith.

To take the survey, please use the link below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the office. We would like for you to try and complete this survey by February 5, 2021.  It is a short survey that should only take a couple of minutes.  We hope everyone will make their views and visions known. We want to hear from everyone!

The MSTF members thank you in advance for your participation:

Bill Brouwer

Cindy Hay

Paul Lewis

Debbie Wood

Gene Raymond, Chair

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