Sharon Keene will be missed

Sharon Keene, Director of Music at Faith Presbyterian for more than 15 years,  died after several months battle with cancer on March 22, 2021.  She is part of Faith’s Cloud of Witnesses organizing and directing a new choir in the heavenly realm.


Dear Faith Family,

As many of you know, Sharon Keene has been battling cancer for the past several months, and she and Ed made the decision to move to Tucson to be closer to her children and physicians. This past weekend, their house here in Sierra Vista was emptied and they moved in with their daughter Stacy until their new house would be ready.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Sharon’s health declined significantly in the week leading up to that move, and Sharon entered hospice to be more comfortable over the weekend. Last night, at 10:22 p.m. Sharon passed on to the next world surrounded by her loving family members, including all of her children. Her passing was peaceful, according to both Ed, her loving husband of almost 60 years, and her daughter Lauri.

Ed will continue staying with his daughter and her family for the next weeks as they sort out the next steps.

We know what a woman of faith Sharon was – her way of living was highly intuitive spiritually, and she lived in the confidence of one redeemed by Christ. We will miss her greatly, but know that perhaps even now, Sharon is organizing a new choir in the heavenly realm.

Blessings and light, Renée


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    John Leard says:

    Mrs. Keene was my Teacher/Director from 1973-1976. She mentored me and made a most dramatic impact on my life. As a Sacristan at Holy Family in Jacksonville,Florida I join you in prayer of Thanksgiving in memory of Sharon Keene.
    “A Blessed Easter to All Of You At Faith Presbyterian”

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